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Failure to do so results in a rather dashing pincushion affect as her large (and apparently inexhaustible) supply of knives will suddenly be buried in various improbable (and uncomfortable) places in your being. The inexhaustible nature of these knives is puzzling, prompting theories that she can somehow access Knifespace, which is similar to Hammerspace.

Pray that you are not wearing a good suit if you fail to avoid her.

Not only a female duplicate of Squato, Squata was meant to be born his twin, however she was stillborn. Her soul, however, managed to cling on to Squato's, thus causing the strange secondary personality when Squato got hit by a FV5 beam.

She has a crush on DarkKillerFish. FerretBob started a chant about this event... Strangely he still survives...

After admitting this, Dark used his Quantum Gloves to split Squata from Squato, thus allowing the two to pursue a relationship.

She is believed to be a reason why Dayantis and IceTigerLily got married.

She is a main antagonist in Ed Bunny, PI.

All her bladed weapons she has made herself. This is because she can balance them the way she wants them to be, and as no one wants to be near her long enough to make them for her.

It has been hinted that Agent Bunny passed on a word of warning about Squata to the Evil Overlords United.

List of people Squata won't kill on sight

Despite her violent tendancies, there are a few bunnies on good enough terms with her to avoid pointy death. Should you fail to avoid her, hope one of them is nearby.

Origin Story (Condensed)

Stolen straight from the horse's mouth, the origin of Squata:

"Last year some n00b was following me around wanting to V5 me and date my V5 self. Now this went on for a month, so I was starting to become a little pissed off about that fact. So I talked to Troy, and the idea of a female version of myself that likes to kill people came to be. Now the idea was basic, but Troy did draw something for me that was an image that could be used if the n00b did get me, which happeed just a few hours later. Long story short, she ran around and killed people from then on if I was V5'ed (any really, but V5 is the used the most here).

As a note, here are a few things to know. Her original name was not "Squata", but in fact "Checkout Chick" (as in a play on "Bi-Lo Man" and where I work as a result). The name Squata came after some people wanted to know her name, and I said I'll take any good ones if anybody had them as I couldn't think of one (Uite gave her the name).

The other little fact is that she would V5 herself as often as she could so as to allow herself to be free and look for a means to stay alive."

-Squato, in response to Ciennas saying the Wiki was, quote, "a little vague on the definitions".


"They are a girl's best friend."

When talking about her knives.

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