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Name: Seth (I used this name before, but I like it) Codename: Dragon

Nationality: Nepalise

Gender: Male

DNA mix: Human 65%, Komodo dragon 35%

Prefered weapon: Khukuri (Basicly a Nepalise machete, about 45 cm in langth) He is also trained in judo.

Human apperance: genaric asian male, but tall, about 6', he has fang-like teeth, and claw-like nails. His hair is black, and kept short.

Half-komodo dragon apperance: lizardman in form, very sharp claws and fangs, long snout (or muzzle, I'm not sure what to call it) green scales, his feet are also clawed, with a claws jutting out of the heels... Oh, he also has red eyes, with slited pupils.

Personality: An unlikely type for an assassin, but he is quick-thinking,and dour. He is only willing to kill because he has no choice, since the only reason he was "created" is for that perpose. As a result, he is not a "people person" and he hates his creators.

History: Created using the DNA of a komodo dragon and a nepalise man, as an attempt to make a cold-blooded killer, but they failed, in theory, since he finds great remorse in murder. He does follow the Nepalise tredition of carrying a khukuri, and uses it for his weapon of choice, and he learned judo as a non-leathal method of combat.

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