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Brief Description

Sashca is one of the people you may meet at the Fort. She was originally a Squid-like creature from a distant world, as well as one of Reaver's characters. However, she got passed to me because Reaver couldn't be online as much as he would have liked. Sashca (her actual name is unpronounceable) came to Mayhem by accident. She, along with some of the other inhabitants of her world, got sucked here during the Battle at the Mall when the EOU blew a hole between dimensions. Her world had previously been inaccessible for thousands of years, because of this. Her home is currently unlocatable.

Sashca is the only survivor of those that came through. The rest, luckily not all sentient, either made it back or died in the conflict. Sashca nearly died herself, from drowning when she was accidentally turned into a catgirl, but was saved by Amon. She developed a crush on him at that point, one that she still feels, even though she knows that Amon can't feel the same way. However, she has found many friends in Mayhem, and even a potential new love interest. Which is good, because by all accounts she is trapped there.

Oh, one last thing. She is the equivalent of 15 mentally & physically, though sometimes she can seem younger.

Physical Description

She's a catgirl. Or, to be more precise, an anthro-feline. She has a fully feline face, a tail, fingers with extendible claws, and tawny fur that covers her whole body. She's quite short and slim for a 15 year old girl, but well endowed for someone of her build. And her fur can change colour.

Clothing wise, she wears a Uryuom Worker's Uniform that can change colour as she does, and a radio watch.


Sashca has a very interesting mentality. In some ways she's very 'normal', thus doesn't really fit in a place like Mayhem. On the other hand, her people have a very different physiology than humans, thus causing some 'strange' quirks of personality.

Sashca is reasonably intelligent, very curious, and strong-willed. She can also be a bit skittish and prone to crying/angsting. She has no sense of modesty and currently has a minor crush on Amon Star. This crush, however, is being overpowered by her developing feelings for Jason.

She is also a very tactile person, but only in certain ways. In her culture, how you hold someone & what/how many arms you use is very important. Certain combinations has the intimate connotations of Sex for them, though it has no reproductive connotations. Reproduction itself has no intimacy attached to it, as it is done externally & communally. Therefore, parents don't exist within this culture per se, but close bonds are formed with those from the same spawning.

Lastly, she's both a Big Eater and quite a picky one. Any form of fish is OK (especially the brains), unless it's from a shark. Shellfish would be acceptable; calamari, not so much (for obvious reasons!). Other forms of meat are OK, provided it isn't sentient. Vegetables are generally unpalatable. Also, milk is a complex subject. Physically, she would love the taste, but if she found out what it is she would likely be sick.

One last thing, no matter how much she eats, she will never lose her figure. Blame the magic, not me.


First of all, she can change the colour of her fur. She can either do this consciously to blend in with her surroundings, or unconsciously to display strong emotion. Also tends to do the former when she's asleep. See below for a colour chart for her emotions. She will keep this ability in all her forms, unless stated otherwise.

Recently, she has learnt Spellcrafting from Jaxom and Kisata. Though only a beginning, she has been given several power boosts by her tutors. Her speciality is Dimensional Magic.

In addition, her Christmas present was a TF Bracer programmed with multiple forms based on her old and new bodies. This includes various hybrid forms too.

Finally, she has a preternatural ability to pick up languages almost instantly. This was given to her by Twelve, but on Sashca's home world (thousands of years ago from Twelve's perspective, but only a few from Sashca's). Sashca is unaware of this and considers her ability to speak English/Mayhemese to be a side-effect of her transformation.

Sashca's Colour Chart

  • Black = Hate
  • Blue = Love
  • Brown = Resentment
  • Gray = Misery
  • Green = Obsession
  • Orange = Fear
  • Pink = Pity
  • Purple = Frustration
  • Red = Anger
  • Violet = Excitement
  • White = Shock

Mary Sue Rating


Fanfiction authors beware - Mary's on the loose. There's still a chance you can save this character with some TLC, though. Role-players and original fiction characters, you should also strongly consider giving your character a workover.

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