Rubica "Ruby" Vermont

From Egs Mayhem

Name: Rubica (Ruby) Vermont

CodeName: Venom-Tail

Gender: Female

Age: 19

DNA Mix: Snake (Which one in particular is unknown.)

Abilities When Transformed: She can do what most typically unfriendly snakes do... Shed some skin (which is good for camoflauge), carry venom in her teeth, unlock her jaw to eat something bigger than her (not humans!) and of course there's always the option of her strangling someone by coiling around her neck.

Personality: If you had to summarise Ruby in two words, they would have to be 'evil bitch'. And I don't just mean the prissy queen bee that you find in high school, I mean really evil. Like if she had to choose between friendship or fame/fortune/something-that-would-generally-be-quite-selfish, you know she would kill her 'friends' for the latter.

Appearance (Human): Available on DeviantArt.

Appearance: (Mixed): Having her DNA mixed with something that has no legs, she is not built to be in the half-human, half-animal stage. She has to be one or the other. So, what I'm getting at here is that there will not be any "mixed" looks. If there EVER was one however, think of the Mariliths in the Final Fantasy series. You know? Half woman, half snake? Just a sudden thought I'd like to add.

Background: Ruby is one of the new experiments by Department Q, thus she has not been able to go on as many missions as some of the older experiments. She happily killed who would've been her biological mother as a final test to her abilities. Why it had to be her mother, we're still unsure. (She wouldn't have recognised her anyway.)

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