Myth City

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Myth City is a large kingdom spanning seven continents, although their rule over some is questionable.



Myth City is on a planey floating in an eternal Void between realities.


Myth City has a monarchy, albeit an unorthodox one. The king or queen is recquired, during his/her work hours, to wear a crown that connects his/her to the mind of every legal citzen of age (13 in Myth City) in Myth City. This does not grant him/her control of them, but them control of him/her. What the majority desires is the decision made, although stronger minds hold larger sway. This crown, however, grant all those connected to it immunity to mass telepathy, meaning noone will mind control the masses toward their agenda.

You may think that this style of government working makes the king or queen expendable. Those with minds powerful enough to handle so many minds at once is few and far between, but the royal line happens to produce at least one every generation.


  • Life Isle

The closer to it center, the more city like the landscape become, with the edge dominated by country and beach, with sub-urbs somewhere in the mix. This is where the majority of people live. This Isle is commonly associated with Neko, or cat people.

  • Shopping Isle

Where all businesses sell their goods. Forty percent of this continent is taken up by a humungous mall, aptly deemed the Mega Mall. Slowly, however, the Gemini Twin, owners of the Mega Mall, plan to monopolize all of Shopping Isle. This Isle is commonly associated with Dragons and Dragon-kin.

  • Factory Isle

Anything that can't be sold in it raw form, or can be sold as something else, is usually sent here from it source (to be explained below). It is a highly polluted place indeed. This place is commonly associated with Gnomes and Humans.

  • Farm Isle

Although famous for is vast farms, it also has mines, forests, and other sources of raw material. This place is commonly associated with Halflings (Hobbits) and Dwarves.

  • Rich Isle

Businesses are ran from here, precious gems are mined, large hoards are gaurded, High Elven castles stand. Dragons of larger hoards, Humans of more bussiness savy, Dwarves with mines of precious minerals and metals, and High Elves cause they can have the privilege of living here. High Elves and, for some reason, Fairies are associated with this place.

  • Barren Isle

A continent home to New Mordor (a Goblin / Orc society), New Underdark (a Drowish society), New Abyss (actually a piece of the Abyss home to demon tribes), No-Mans-Land (home to criminals of all sort), and 'The Jail' (a jail ran by creverly bound devils). It is commonly associated with the Drow, as they are the friendliest of those of Barren Isle.

  • Jungle Isle

Despite it name, a jungle is only a small part of this continent, the largest and most untame of them all. A habitat of all sorts exists, seperated and sustained by powerful magic. Within each resides an Elven species, the most numerous being the Wood Elves since they have two habitats to reside. For the previous reason, Wood Elves are commonly associated with this Isle.


The above mentioned races exist in spades, and fantasy based creatures are the majority. But anything goes in Myth City.

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