Melissa Baker

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Marissa Baker from Mages:The Awakening(dead). Has been moved to Death of Mayhem.


Name- Marissa Baker
Age- 17
Gender- Female
Appearance- Raw umber, approximately chest-length hair, no seperate bangs, blue eyes, not flat-chested, but not ridiculous huge breasts either , average height.

Magic- She can transform herself, or any part of herself, to a lot of things(but within reason, o'course). However, she doesn't do it often, because it throws her blood sugar way out of whack (more on that later)

Personality- Okay, first off, NOT A FRICKIN "LIKE" GIRL!! Anyway... she's pacifistic, wouldn't hurt someone unless she REALLY had to... Has liked webcomics for a long time, including EGS, Wotch, you know. She always thought the idea of transformation was kinda nifty, though weird. She's also a gamer, and kind of a fangirl sometimes... especially about Zelda. Pretty mellow, not shy per se, but not the kind of person that'll just smother you and make you uncomfortable... though she might huggle occasionally.

History- Mostly had a pretty peachy life. She made a couple big mistakes... like when she did something overly aggressive, and pretty much got kicked out of school for the rest of the year. Since then she's been very very careful about not going out of line.
About a year and a half ago (erm, by which I mean, fall '05), she started, first, to have fuzzy vision and to be thirsty all the time... after a few weeks of that, she began to get seriously sick... throwing up and stuff... her brother drove her to the doctor's, and they took her to the hospital... she was pretty well out of it at that point... just bobbing in and out of consciousness... when she woke up, she didn't have a clue what was going on... her mom was there... she told Melissa about what had been happening... she told her that she had diabetes...("but isn't diabetes an old fat person disease?" "um... no?")
Since then, she's been learning to manage it. She got an insulin pump fall '06, and in the six months since then (cause this is set May '07, right?) she's gotten it to where it's pretty much taken care of.
One night in May of '07, after staying up later than she should have re-reading the archives of EGS, she started thinking what it would be like if she could actually transform, like the characters in the comic... as she went to sleep, she almost thought her hands looked fuzzy, but that couldn't be right...

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