Kylen's Interdimensional Bar

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Kylen's Interdimensional Bar



A bar that exists outside of space and time, where characters from different worlds (or even different universes) can meet, get a drink, eat, talk, fall in love, or any combination of the above. This is a social RP with less emphasis on plot than character interaction. All types of characters (so long as they don't have a reason to get bounced) are welcome.

Thread Rules

Current Staff

Here is a list of people who are currently work at the bar.

  • KylenPhylar as the owner and Bartender.
  • Kum-El as a Bouncer.
  • Other staff to be added upon acceptance.


Here are the people whom are, or once visited the bar. (No bios needed. Just a list is suitable.)

  • The man in the black hat. (His name is Samuel but he has never mentioned that yet)
  • Ba DeGuy. Very slowly taking over the multivece. Poses no real threat.
  • Hazard suit catgirl miner, Rose. Although she has left for duty for the time being.
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