Kira Sithal

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Originally from the now-dead Frink! RP...

Current Status

Currently stationed in Fort Mayhem as a medic. Serving in the Crossover Wars has left her moderately Forum-Aware.

Forum-Aware: Being pulled from her dead RP and having been hastily explained her status as a character left her confused, but she has since had time to ponder it. She understands that, to a certain group of beings, she is naught but words on a screen and that one of these beings, the one who narrates these words to the other beings, has some sway over her. But she also knows she is more than just words and that she still has her free will, she is not being controlled.

Original Bio

Age: 19
Gender: Female
Species: Modified Catkin
Modification: Lion Tauric
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 352 lbs
Eyes: Amber
Fur: Mostly dark brown, but she has splotches of lighter tan, especialy on her tauric half.
Hair: Light tan (matching her light patches)
Clothing: Loose white long-sleeve shirt with a dark blue vest. She also has a pack on her taur back that holds basic first-aid equipment.

Attitude: Still a bit naive and wishes to spread a bit of goodwill throughout the universe, although she's picked an odd profesion to do so. Almost strictly pacifist ("First, do no harm..."), and will do anything within her power to keep both friend and foe from dying. Perfers to raid ships of those with excessive money.

Job: Field Medic
Abilities: First Aid magiks (not at the level of a hospital, more like an ambulance, keep them from dying on the battlefield so that they can make it to said hospital) and some basic protection and shielding spells (the enemy doesn't take much liking to the person healing the enemy). Her upper body isn't very strong, but her tauric body is fairly strong and quick.

Back Story:
Short Version: Rich kid gets sick of being rich kid, joins pirates.
Long Version: Born as Sithal Zael, she was born to a rich family. She was completely spoiled, and she hated it; she saw her family's disrespect to those who did hard work to get where they were, and snubed her families Bastian worship in favor of Gaiamancy. One fatefull day when she was 12, when on a fancy space cruise, the ship was attacked by pirates. By some cosmic fluke, it was one of the few honorable vessels, and she was awed by the respect the pirates had to the rich folk who they could easily overpower. They even had a medic who gave first aid to the cruiseship's fallen defenders. She sliped away from the pirate guards and stowed away on the vessel. The captian was impressed by her bravery, and let her stay aboard as an apprentice to their medic. While she could never get the hang of intricate surgerys or medical equipment, her Gaiamancy made her invaluable on the front lines. When her master took a fatal wound, she took over as the primary field medic, and learned some protective magiks to avoid the same fate. Eventualy, the crew disbanded, and she bounced from crew to crew, some more seedy than others. After she had lost dozens of people, both friend and foe, because she wasn't fast or strong enough, she underwent a procedure to make her "as strong as a lion." What the black market doctor didn't tell her was that he was being quite literal; when she woke up, the lower half of her body was that of a lion, and the doctor was nowhere to be found. Although inconvinient at first, the modification has done what was promised, and she has saved many lives that she could not have without it. With her new body, she was finaly confident enough to abandon her main tie to her old life, no longer refering to herself with her parents' last name, and giving herself a new first name. She has again found herself between jobs, but she has heard about a job that sounds promising...

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