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  • Name:Hel
  • Domain:Death and Disease
  • Gender:Female
  • Age:Physically 15, real age 3687


Like most of Matthlord's female characters, Hel is quite curved in the chest and hips area. She is only about 4'11". He black hair reaches just before the small of her back, which is currently in a large braid made of braids. Hel used to wear a long black coat, with beige pants, and a red tank top, covering little more than what is needed. She is currently wearing a pair of shorts. Her left eye is a black as black as her hair, but the one covered by her hair is a brilliant blue. Currently, she is a short, light grey coloured anthrofeline, due to KF-Oz


Hel, strangely values life more than most people, because she knows how boring the underworld is. Most of the time she can be found with her head on the desk, sleeping. She enjoys playing Go. She is very self conscious about the right half her face, and her right arm between their shoulder and hand, which is undead, and hides her face behind hair at all times. She started out a socially insecure girl who had only one friend. She is increasing that amount of friends she has, with and Torkell, Rina, and Vladic; her roomates. Hel loves hugs, and is allergic to cats, but not cat people. Hel is also afraid of the dark. She is always interested to try new things, but somewhat more hesitant to try things she things she may be bad at. She does not like the stares of others, especially around her chest area, which she is a bit self conscious of. Hel is spoiled rotten, and is not used to hearing no.


After her birth, Odin became aware of the existence of both her and her brothers and sisters. Hel he cast down to her realm in the underworld and gave her authority over all those in the nine worlds who do not die gloriously in battle but of sickness or of old age. However, they do not have full control, and souls sometimes escape, in the form of zombies. She was fated to help Loki in Ragnarok by giving him a army of undead souls, which, as of this writing, she has agreed to. Although Loki might have ruined this by kissing Rina on page 128.


Loki (Father)- God of Trickery. Inhabiting a teenage body, Played by Malachy19 In Parthenon High.

Angrboda (Mother)- A giantess. She dated Loki during High School, and bore him three children. Even though he is like how he is, she still like him.

Fenrir (Older brother)- A giant wolf, which is said to kill Odin during Ragnorok. Takes the form of a German Shepard or human when needed. Fight happy, rude and brash, and overly protective of Hel

Jormundgandr (Older brother)- A giant snake encircling the world. Known as the midgar serpent. Normally takes the form of a 30 foot long snake, but will also become a human or garter snake if needed. He is cunning and intelligent. He is mostly a stereotype of what happens when you give a snake human form.

Odin (Blood-Uncle)- Blood brother of Loki. Ruler of everything. Big jerk, in Hel's opinion.

Thor (Blood Cousin)- Scared Thunder God played by Fawe.Not sure if Hel's realized this yet.

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