Gemini Silverton

From Egs Mayhem

Note : This is just a list of her. I hate pretti-fying things up! >.<

Full Name: Gemini Elaine Silverton Age: 23 Race: Human Occupation: Solo Bounty Hunter Hair Colour: Blonde Eye Colour: Olive Green

Choice of Weapon: Twin Katanas

Personality: Gemini is a well-motivated and determined soul. Though she may seem ignorant and rude at first, she just wants to make sure the job is done, so she might end up putting other people down.

History: Gemini has come down from a long line of police officials, but the leading officer had fired her from the service... Something about a tiny little accident that almost caused the destruction of a whole galaxy. So now, she decides to live life as a Bounty Hunter, mainly because she wants to prove she can do the job better than any officer, but the money is good too!

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