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Demonhunter is an accomplished roleplayer in several communities, including the Adventure Quest boards, where he began his RP career. Possessing (at last count) a total of 15 different character models, many of which have multiple versions, he's rarely at a loss for a suitable character for any given situation.

In no particular order, his characters are:

Princess Caprine:

Female. 32 years old. Blonde hair, green eyes, goldy-coloured mechanical left arm with built-in weaponry. Carries a pair of magi-rifles. One shoots lightning bolts, the other fires miniscule fireballs over a long range. Powerful mage. Has alter ego: Sera. Long black hair with vivid blonde streaks. Glowing white eyes (strength of glow differs according to mood). 7 feet tall (about a foot taller than normal Caprine). Has a weird blue triangle in the centre of her forehead. Has a blade extending from the wrist of her mechanical arm, and the palm of her right hand. Partner: Olivitess the Eagle. Avatar of a demi-goddess, taking the form of a bright blue eagle. Powerful magic, and keeps the soul of Caprine's ancestor within her.

Farex Lore:

Male. 28. Red hair with grey tips, arranged in flat spikes. Feline-like eyes and tiger stripes on his skin. Carries a whopping big sword and a pair of claw-weapons. Very anti-social. Muscular. Born and raised as a soldier. Can combine spirit magic with his weaponry. Partner: Kariston the wolf. Avatar of a demi-god, taking the form of a black wolf. carries the sould of Farex's ancestor within him. Powerful magic, as well as teeth and claws.

Sola NicFahgan:

Female. 25. Multi-elemental sorceress with shapeshifting capabilities. Tends to be fairly mild-mannered and peaceful. Red hair, blue eyes.

Caiemita Tigersoul:

Female. 18. Multiple incarnations. Red hair and grey eyes. Character archetype varies between mercenarial swordswoman and bard. Fire magic theme. Carries either a sword and shield, or a rapier, depending on character type.

Demonhunter (Author/Avatar):

Male. 19. Brown hair and hazel-blue eyes. Carries a longsword and specialises in fire magic. Is currently providing flame-portal pendants to any member of the EGS DF who asks for one. Don't piss him off.

Damian, Lisa, Richard and John Hunter:

Second post on this page.

Krisnys Songsteel:

Female. 25. Mercenarial paladin. Carries a sword, scepter and shield. Can launch bolts of holy energy. Possesses holy fire, holy freeze, and holy shock auras. Owns a book on ancient magic, from which she learned these skills. Black hair, brown eyes.


Female. 22. Bodyguard/Warrior. Blue-black hair, sapphire-blue eyes. Carries two katanas: Blade of Water, and Blade of Ice. Both blades have magical properties pertaining to the elements they are named for. Crystal also possesses these magics, but wielding the blades strengthens them. Highly proficient at swordplay.

Krisstina Urthadar:

Female. 16. Wind-aligned druid. Carries a staff and a pack full of herbal medicines. Black hair, green eyes. At home in the forests. Knows a great deal about herbs and plants, those that harm, as well as those that heal. Capable of flight.


Female. Age unknown. Arcerian cat (larger than a lion, white fur with black stripes). Black jewelled witch (black jewel = highest rank, indicates enormous power).

Ayla (a CT parody character):

Female. 21. Black hair cropped short. Black clothing. Fights with her fists. Very fast, very agile. Knows where to hit to make it hurt.

Ellannan Fletcher

Male. 24. Archer. Short brown hair, grey eyes. A loner. Deadly accurate with a bow. Skilled at tracking and stealth.

All characters can be considered as 'actors', in a sense. They don't always behave as you would expect. For example, when not involved in an RP that requires her to stay in the cavewoman character, Ayla's speech mannerisms are those of a modern day human. Get the picture?

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