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Basic Description

Channel Nine, the Thread and the IC news group, was founded by Seth/Sara. He gave it to me when he no longer had time for it. Since then, it has become a lot more political and has also fallen on hard times. However, it has recently reverted back to being fully under his control.

This page will detail the known information, both IC and OOC, so that it's interactions with the rest of Mayhem can be smoother. From an OOC point, that is.

Seth: "Don't listen to him! He stole it! HE STOLE IT!!!" *Is dragged away by Channel Nine security guards.* "Hey Bruno, did you cut your hair? Looks good."

KELL: "My legal council has advised me to clarify my position. I am not the owner of Channel Nine, merely it's chief anchorman, executive producer and general stopper of bucks. Ownership lies in the hands of the Board, whose membership I'm uncertain. Any claims at theft by Seth , or any of his family, is the result of financial manoeuvrings among the board. As such, I'm not responsible in any way for it, so there. Now, if you will excuse me, I have some manipulating of my own to do." *Vanishes*


Player Characters


The following is a list of the PCs under my control that work for C9. As they are PC, you may not control their actions unless Mind Control or some similar IC reason is involved. You also can't one shot them, but that should be obvious.


  • Seth William Rilea: The original anchorman before those in power decided BSNBC would be better governed by someone more capable of bringing in the ratings. He is currently anchor of the 910CMX location.
  • Sara Renee Dorris: Co-anchor to Seth, she too was fired by BSNBC before the moving.
  • Seraphina Williams: Chief Meteorologist.
  • Rachel Moore: Sports reporter.
  • Sibyl Cecilia: Field Reporter and currently in charge of giving the homeless people direction.

Non-Player Characters

These are some of the C9 NPCs. As such, everyone is allowed to play them, providing you don't make them act out of character. Therefore, I shall provide plenty of enough detail to there characters.

The Current Location is so they don't break continuity by being in two or more places at once. If it's left blank, then feel free to have them turn up anywhere within reason, provided you note down where they are when you do.

  • The Homeless People: Men and Women out on their butts after being fired by MNCAN. BSNBC executives lovingly took them in and gave them food, before telling them "You now work for us, you are assigned to this rag tag group." indicating the 910CMX team. Current Location: 910CMX BSNBC


Channel Nine, after the actions of Seth Rilea, Sara Dorris, Rachel Moore, Seraphina Williams, and Sibyl Cecilia (after a raid in which most of MNCAN's equipment was...borrowed) set up post in the alleyway behind Dr. Germahn's lab as the new location of BSNBC after the move to 910CMX. While the board of directors of Channel Nine have been tight lipped about this act, they seem to approve at the expansion of BSNBC and their dedication to Dan Shive.


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