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The counterpart of the Bunny User Drayco's namesake muse. AntiDrayco is a tawny-furred Anthrofeline, who wears a reddish trenchcoat, black pants that look like a mix between hakama and cargo pants, and the trademark red headband. However, AntiDrayco is an avatar of Chaos, and so his powers seem to fluctuate simply by how much he likes them. He also seems to be very vulnerable to effects that use chaotic energy, such as Chaos missiles and Improbability Fields, which can have any number of additional adverse effects on him.

While the muse Drayco's main powers are based on costume-changing, AntiDrayco's powers are mostly channeled from the two large silver bracelets he wears, though they. They look identical, silver bracelets with a single starlike gem and colored runes and such running along them, the only differences being the gem and runes on the right bracelet are red, while the ones on the left bracelet are green.

  • Right Bracelet - The all-purpose 'magic' bracelet. It's primary ability grants AntiDrayco powerful Telekinesis/Psychokinesis, but he can also use it to create a limitless number of magical effects, most notably creating things. However, most everything created by this bracelet seems to be made of metal and appears bloodstained or entirely still dripping with blood.
  • Left Bracelet - Fires a beam that looks identical to a TFG beam, but the exact effects of the beam are limited only to AntiDrayco's imagination, and it can affect both living and inanimate targets.

Other Notes

  • AntiDrayco owes his origins to being an evolution of the version of Drayco that appeared in the Thunderchild RP, though he only has the physical look of that one, not as much the personality
  • Besides that, AntiDrayco is the basis for the character the Bunny-User Drayco plays in the MUD Sabrous
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