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Crash Course

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Crash Course
Episode No. 72
Production No. 407
Air Date July 17, 2007
Sector Ice, Mountain
XANA attack method Creates a polymorphic clone to attack Aelita.

Crash Course is the seventy-second episode of Code Lyoko. It aired on July 17,2007.


Jeremie decides to give Yumi, Odd, and Ulrich a crash course on how to use the supercomputer. At the same time, Aelita goes to try out with the other candidates from whom the Subdigitals would choose their opening act. After going through some simple procedures (which included Ulrich successfully virtualizing Odd into the Ice Barrier), XANA activates a tower in the Mountain sector and created a polymorphic clone that electrocuted Jeremie with a cable before leaving to find Aelita. Yumi and Ulrich take Jeremie to one side and Yumi then leaves to warn Aelita which left Ulrich at the computer.

On Lyoko, Odd begins to search for the Way Tower to get to the Mountains, however he gets attacked by Bloks, Odd yells at Ulrich for a vehicle who eventually managed to materialize the Overbike (not the Overboard as he had intended) but he placed it behind the Blocks. Odd managed to destroy two blocks and escape on the Overbike to continue his search.

Aelita receives a text from Yumi about the attack and leaves just before the Subdigitals declare her the winner of the competition, in the street she notices the clone amongst a crowd (the outer body of the clone flickered) and she begins to flee and is shortly met up with by Yumi, the two of them then begin to head back towards the factory while the clone managed to steal a car and pursue them. Meanwhile, Ulrich is searching for the radar screen to find the tower when he accidentally activates a countdown entitled Big Fat Cheese Head at the same time that Yumi rings the lab, Yumi passes her phone to Aelita who explains that the program was a delayed self virtualization into the Mountain sector. Upon hearing this, Ulrich quickly runs to the scanner room and is virtualized directly into the mountains. Yumi then questions Aelita about the code name and she replies, blushing, that it was a private joke between her and Jeremie.

As Ulrich is virtualized, Aelita and Yumi narrowly escape being hit by the car which the clone was driving and managed to reach the lab, Aelita tells Odd that the way tower is not far from his position and gives him the coordinates before telling Yumi to virtualize her and heading to the scanner room. On Lyoko Ulrich had reached the bridge connecting to the tower and had found it guarded by three Krabs and William. Just then Aelita was successfully virtualized by Yumi, and Odd managed to arrive shortly after. In the computer lab, Yumi was attacked by the polymorphic clone (leaving her with several bad injuries), realizing what was wrong Ulrich devirtualizes Odd with his saber before climbing on the Overbike with Aelita.

In the computer lab, Yumi has been badly hurt by the clone and as he is about to finish her, Odd manages to paralyze him with the wire used to attack Jeremie. Odd helps Yumi over to the Elevator before settling down at the computer and managing to successfully virtualize Yumi onto Lyoko, the clone then regains consciousness and begins to attack Odd. Ulrich and Aelita had already managed to destroy two Krabs when she arrives, Ulrich was busy with the last Krab while William was advancing on Aelita, Yumi managed to block one of Williams attacks before she is devirtualized by an airborne attack from William, Aelita then attempts to fly around William who throws his sword at her, Ulrich then jumps and deflects the sword before throwing both of his sabers at William which spear him through the chest. William then devirtualizes in a red flash and Aelita manages to deactivate the tower, destroying the clone before it did any major damage to Odd.

Back in the lab, Jeremie regains consciousness and is told about the events that have occurred, Jeremie then says that he now trusts them with the supercomputer if he or Aelita is absent. Aelita reveals that she was still the winner of the contest after walking out on the Subdigitals and that her dress rehearsal was approaching. After a brief moment of Aelita and Jeremie silencing Odd about an event which happened during a XANA attack in the Gym, the episode ends.


  • Three unseen XANA attacks are mentioned. The pool attack, the tree attack, and the gym attack.
  • The rest of the Subdigitals are seen, and Aelita is going to open for them at their concert.
  • Everybody BUT Jeremie and Aelita virtualizes someone else in this episode.

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July 17, 2007
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