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One of the most enriching parts of creating an alternate persona for Live Action Roleplaying is researching for the roots, beliefs, and historical background for your character. Here will be linked some of the best resources members have used in the creation of their Circle of the Crone character. These can include, Camarilla Resources, Historical Timeline locations, Religious of Philosophical sites, etc.

These sites should not include those for Characters, Lineages, Factions or Coteries, as links are available for those items from their respective pages on this Wiki.

Edit this page to add your favorite resource to the listings, there is an Edit tab on the top of this page. You may also link the entry to an existing website.


Camarilla Resources


Covenant Wiki

Circle of the Crone Mailing Lists

Regional Lists

Historical Resources

Religious Resources

Prop Shopping

Barnard Ltd. Chicago-based company with a huge selection of all sorts of props.

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