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Tessen Fan

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Yumi's Fans in action.

Tessen Fans are Yumi's primary weapons on Lyoko. Historically, these were fans used by the Japanese to signal to troops, use as weapons, and deflect arrows with during times of war. It is likely that Yumi uses these weapons due to her Japanese descent. They are metal ("tessen" is Japanese for "fan of iron") and can slice through most small enemies, or collide with larger ones. There have been instances where the fans have crashed into, and broken the floor, such as in Sabotage. They are hard to aim with, but they can fly in a medium-range. If they miss, they usually come back to her like a boomerang. From the first season to the third season, Yumi stored her fans (Jeremie programmed her a second fan in the second season) below her obi and extracted them when needed; in the fourth season Yumi can make the fans appear and disappear in her hands at will. The fans can also be used as a shield to block lasers.

Like Ulrich's Sword, Yumi's fans seem to glow(light up) whenever she opens them, and whenever they are flying in disk position. It is also seen in Lab Rat, that it takes time to reprogram the fans, and when they are reprogrammed, the glow and flash into Yumi's hands.

In Franz Hopper, XANA, disguised as Franz Hopper, improved Yumi's fans by making them fly longer and lock onto targets. They would also be attracted to monster lasers, making it much easier to use the fan as a shield. Once Team Lyoko found out that XANA was behind the plot, they lost their improved capabilities.


One of Yumi's fans folded in Attack Position.
Jeremie Regenerating a pair of new fans for Yumi.
Yumi's Fans in attack position while she is Translated.
Yumi's Fans in flying-disc position on Lyoko(Left) and Translated(right).


  • The Mortal Kombat character Kitana also uses these fans as weapons. The only difference is that they are undecorated and are two times larger.
  • It is shown in Lab Rat that William can destroy the fans by disintegrating them in his hands.
  • As of Season 4, all four warriors have used the tessen fan at least once: Aelita in Attack of the Zombies, Odd in Yumi's body in A Fine Mess (including Yumi in Odd's body in the same episode), and Ulrich in Hard Luck.
  • Yumi never uses her fans as striking weapons in the television series. However in both of DS games, they are used in both long ranged and short ranged combat. But in show however, she has jumped on the back of Krabs in some instances and struck them directly.
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