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XBW Reunion is an upcoming 2010 backyard wrestling event and documentary DVD to be distributed by XBW Wrestling. The DVD will cover the Reunion show presented a year after XBW ended which was held on March 29, 2009 and feature in-depth interviews from XBW stars and executives on many topics including the death of Nemesis, the XBW process, behind-the-scenes political affairs and other personal responses. XBW was initially going to produce two separate DVDs with XBW Reunion show being one and the XBW Blood, Sweat, and Egos documentary as another but ultimately decided to combined them.

The film is scheduled for release sometime in May or June.



XBW Wrestling began in the fall of 1999. As season one concluded and the backyard wrestling establishment took an intermission on hiatus, a catastrophic bicycle accident claimed the life of the beloved owner himself, Nemesis. XBW proceeded despite the traumatic loss in commemoration to their leader. However, the road would not be a simplistic expedition as inside conflicts, politics, personal life holdbacks, and embittered relationships forced a problems in the federation in which procrastinated operations and led to an eventual demise in 2008. A year later, XBW held a reunion show in March of 2009. Now, find out what stars and executives of what was once a thriving backyard federation have to say as both the reunion event and added interviews will be featured in the XBW Reunion DVD.


  • XBW Wrestlers and Executives

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