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William Brobeck
Ring name William Brobeck
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Born N/A
Resides N/A
Debut March 20, 2010

William Brobeck is an American backyard wrestler currently performing in YouTube Trampoline Wrestling, where he is the vice president of YTW.


Backyard wrestling tenure

YouTube Trampoline Wrestling (2010–present)

United States Champion

Brobeck won his first title at Ring Rage, defeating Neil Smith to become the first YTW United States Champion. Brobeck held the title until Adrenaline, where he lost it to Abdi Isse.

Pursuit of and Winning World Heavyweight Title

After losing the US title, Brobeck turned around and challenged Mojo for the vacant World Title. Claiming that Mojo, did not deserve the title just because he injured Alex. Still, Brobeck was unsuccessful at Trampoline King. Brobeck challenged for the title a second time, this in a winning effort at Capital Chaos.

Feud with Alex

On the June 12 2010 episode of YTW, Brobeck issued an open challenge for the title, which was accepted by his best friend and returning Alex. But a feud started between the two, after Alex attacked Brobeck during the post match handshake at Encounter, Brobeck retained the title. The two fought the last match of season one at Havoc Unleashed, with Brobeck retaining, that match being nominated as Match of the Year, and both individuals being nominated for Superstar of the Year

In wrestling

  • Entrance Themes
  • "Sad Statue" by System of the Down (March 20, 2010–May 19, 2010)
  • "Bullet With A Name" by Non-point (May 19, 2010–present)

Championship and accomplishments

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