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Extreme Modified Wrestling
Acronym EMW
Established 2007
Creator Tk
Key People Tk Tanner stone (President/Owner)
Current status Active

Extreme Modified Wrestling: One of the leading feds in South Carolina, Created by The kid Tanner stone and AJ wayne in 2007 EMW became a smash hit in a select demographic and later a larger portion of the audience with success on youtube and live events. EMW is recognized as the only all extreme fed in SC because it operates under all extreme rules and there are no DQs/no draws in EMW there is always a finish. EMW is a member of the SCBYWA and is the second most successful fed in the alliance.


EMW Rise to Glory

mid-2009: Y2Tb Creator Tb showed up in EMW as the shocking First General Manager, he brought EMW to a whole new level, putting it on youtube and preaching the word of extreme. EMW saw two major returns as the great one and hall returned to wrestling after six years to the land of extreme. this brought in the Y2Tb fans and along with EMW fans it was enough to get onto youtube and stop DVD production. EMW was on a major roll going into 2010 but things were about to get bigger...

EMW Joins the SCBYWA

Tk promised a shocking announcment at EMW Wreckless Rumble III, and sure enough at EMW Taken To the Streets Tk announced EMW was joining the SCBYWA. EMW Deadly Game III came and one of the mystery entrants was SCBYWA's own Malice. EMW promised yet another shocking suprise and Sean Van showed up and won #1 contendership to the EMW title. EMWs ratings spiked and its popularity grew to levels never before imagined in 2007. EMW Sent Hall and Tk to BCW-TNG to establish a working relationship with them...instead they attacked Sean Van and another roster member. They destroyed the roster backstage and left the show in Ruin, since then BCW-TNG has nearly folded. Hall also showed up in UWO in a gauntlet match destroying L.A. Raza, but falling when Asylum knocked him out with a belt. Shortly After hall was hired by the UWO and has been released from EMW because of undisclosed reasons.

EMW Folds

August 15 2009, EMW and its assests were all privatly purchased and the youtube channel/roster was sold to NAX. all EMW contracts carried over to NAX along with talent defects from UWO and GWA.

EMW Rebirth

when the SCAC shut down backyard wrestling in the state of SC Tk set plans in motion to bring back EMW. he found and used every loophole to get away with it andinstead of playing by the rules tk bent the rules. EMW Violence reborn took place which featured the rebirth of the EMW championship, and the EMW tag team titles were unified with the GWA tag titles. Huge returns and title defences took place but something horrific took place at the end of the show....


EMW original and long time tag partner of Tk Jake interjected himself into the EMW title match. The EMW board of directors did not get word in time to stop it, and found themselves with a dangerous situation on their hands. a free agent was in the title match. near the end of the match then EMW champion Sean Van hooked Tk and Jake going by malachi for a double moonlight drive. he nailed the move and attempted to hook Tks leg. The scream team ran in and jumped van along with referee GWA owner Chamber. Tk and Malachi got up, hugged each other and Tk laid down. the free agent Malachi won the EMW title and then the entire group attacked sean van. Prestige (bull mcbride, james hall, malice, and sean van) lined up on one side of the ring as XZW lined up on the other. a brawl then ensued. they could not defeat prestige however they made an example outve CJLP as Tk hit him with the wasteland after the group jumped him. Tk proclaimed that they were XZW and they were a revolution. and that EMW had been invaded. X-Zone Wrestling made a huge impact taking the EMW title and the EMW/GWA tag titles.

EMW Roster

Sean Storm




Aj Wayne





Sean Van


Rocman Da Pimp


Bull Mcbride

Big D

Big ET

Brookes Mcgwire

Alan M


EMW Champion: Malachi

GWA/EMW Tag Team Champions: Scream Team


Micheal Vorheez

Jason Myers


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