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Project X

Project X in September 2013 in Triple W

Ring name Project X
Federation Triple W
Location Madrid, Spain
Titles Held None
Finishers DDT
Overall Record 2013 2 matches/2 losses/0 win

Project X is a Spanish wrestler who performs in Triple W (White Wolf Wrestling). He is one of the top challengers in the federation. He currently lives in Madrid, Spain.

Debut in Triple X

Project X started to wrestle in Triple W in 2013. Triple W (White Wolf Wrestling) is a Spanish federation created in 2011 and based in Madrid. The federation offers impressive shows featuring some of Spain’s best wrestlers.

In September 2013, Project X and Trashman wrestled against Lukas Skott and Mark Caretaker in a tag team match. With their hard hitting style, Skott and Caretaker are two of the most dangerous wrestlers in Triple W. The coordination of their signature moves makes them almost impossible to beat. Despite several pin attempts, Project X and his tag team partner were dominated by their fierce opponents. Skott and Caretaker hit their Body Slam first on Project X and then on Trashman and finally got the win.

In October 2013, Project X faced Rayo Verde and Mark Caretaker in a triple threat match. Caretaker dominated his two opponents. While Rayo Verde and Project X were about to hit a Suplex on their rival, Caretaker countered their attempt and executed a devastating Suplex throwing his opponents in the air at the same time. Project X attempted to hit his finisher, the DDT, on Caretaker but he was countered once again. Shortly after, Mark Caretaker managed to do a Facebuster which knocked Project X out. He then executed his finisher on Rayo Verde and Project X unconscious could not prevent his successful pinfall. After his victory, while he was trying to stand up, Project X was lifted on Caretaker’s shoulders who hit his F-5 on him. There is no doubt that Project X will seek to get revenge from that tough humiliation.

Characteritics and technical style

Project X is a pure Hispanic challenger: he is a young boastful and braggart wrestler in the ring. He likes dancing during his entrance and wears flashy glasses. Apart from that, he is not a heel and unlike many wrestlers in Triple W he is not used to cheat to get the win. Technically, Project X is a powerful cruiserweight with a hard hitting style. Despite several losses, his wrestling style makes him able to fight against any kind of challengers.

Overall record

1) September 2013: Mark Caretaker & Lukas Skott defeated Project X & Trashman by pinfall

2) October 2013: Mark Caretaker defeated Project X and Rayo Verde by pinfall

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